Being in Mr Leslie's class because i have always wanted to be in Mr Leslie's class :) . ukulele was really fun and now i can play some songs . SPCA because we got to see lots of animals and little cute kittens :P . Corsea Bay was really fun aswell because we made our own rafts . Being a SCHOOL LEADER because i got to do lots of amazing things like going to the SPCA :S . CAVE X -TREME was a really awesome experience . making new friends and being a best friend . swimming was really awesome because we got to go on a boat My name is Rachana and i am a school leader at Addington school . My favourite colours are black and purple . I like animals like tigers and lions . I live in Christchurch in New Zealand.My favourite sport is gymnastics. I have one brother and one sister and a Mum and Dad .I love going shopping with my friends. My favourite subject is writing.

ponyWithBackground.pngpoems. nature The wind the breeze , leaves flowing to the ground the moon light shining and stars will send you star gazing tonight wolfs howeling like men leaves shuffling in the air like cards . fashion fashion a fantastic thing to do a great subject the design clothes and other things twirly fabric colourful bright colours like the sky walking down the runway with beautiful colourful clothes on