On Ra tapu the 5th of Akuhata the first ever building got blown up in New Zealand. This happened at Christchurch town at eight am in the morning .This poor six year old who had cancer got to blow up the building and press a red button he was probably very excited to blow up the first ever building in New Zealand wouldn't you?

All i heard was BOOM BOOM BOOM wait and collapse it was all gone. Everyone was all WOW that was quick.
wrote by Alexis star lee

sustainability is forever

Eating a beautiful sight

sitting by the hot summery fire,roasting delicious marshmellow .Looking at the tree coverd in beautiful snow as white as snow whites skin ."I wish this would be a never ending moment" 'I have never seen anything as beautiful as this " [Except me of course ] The snow on the tree was a delightful sight. The marshmellows were as good as the song my dad sang to me at night . But I know this sight wouldn't last a life time so click click went the camera and good night went me
the end wrote by Alexis lee

All about me
Hi my name is Alexis star lee i am a year five at primary school i am in room 11 with Mr leslie and i have 27 people in my class. My favourite subject in school is jump jam and math my least favourite is writing but i think i am actally learning heaps my hand get sore quite alot we do writing for nearly a hour we have 11 class and 2 3 are conductive education which is for disable people or people who have something wrong with them and a conductive education preschool our school has a principal deputy principal and a assitant principal we are really lucky to have three principals my favourite teacher is Mr leslie cause he is my teacher and he is pretty cool sport teacher . I have one brother and two sister my little brother is 4 his name is kyzel my little sister is 9 her name is mikaela my big sister is 14 her name is angel i am 9 but i am a few months older than mikaela my dads name is kero and my step mum is Emma my real mum is rachel and my step dad is nathan. I have two dogs a bunny two cats. one dog is a boy his name is bruno the other dog is a girl her name is ruby the bunny is a boy his name is iggy the cats are both boys the youngest is bounce and the oldest is mastang i live in spreydon \ addington with mum i am a pal i am in cultural group and choir my job for a pal is to look after the gear and to entertain the kids at morning tea and lunch and being in cultural group your job is to show up and attend the practice you sing do poi and actions with music you do peform infront of lots of people choir is like the same show up for practice and sing and you peforme in front of thousands of people you got to be brave like me. I have a peformance for c.g and choir in like two three weeks i sometimes get tired like sitting there for 2 and 20 minutes . I am in kahurangi for whanau groups there are two school leaders in each group they are responible for lots of things my dream job is to be a hairdresser and work at a vet or be a air host . My friends are kimya skye selina tasi john kayla dallas serena . that is all about me .Thank you for reading my story .

my footprint

Name:Alexis lee Whanau group kahurangi three things i like are going to my friends cooking and playing on the computer my dream job is to be a air hostess or work at a vet

My poem

one leg two leg three leg four leg whose that knocking on my door five leg six leg seven leg eight leg its that octopus at my door if i'm on land he is on land he is dieing hahaha o he is coming at me and now i am dieing argh !!!


who went to the disco i did ? I wonder who party hard i still awake at like nearly eleven and party finished at 8 30 nice dress people
who had a good time i know i did some kool moves were out there alana was good yougogirl" argh justin bieber and one direction
most girls said" go reece mastin not them haha hehehe i say

hey everyone how was ur athletics sprints and everything chior well for the whole week i was at cholmondeley in living springs i had a good time it was fun but the bad thing was i cut myself five times on the hands they have been through enough. i was lucky school wasnt as long as addington time it was from 8:30 to 2:00 i started twenty min earlyer and finsh 1 hour early i am proud of myself though i learnt how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialdocious if u dont believe me then on monday ask me how to spell it i can do it see u on monday everyone .......

My 2012 highlights
Well i will tell you my ten favourite highlights of the year.
1:WOW!!!Camp was amazing even though i have been their before i will never get bored.The balance bikes were AWESOME the food was also great !!!
2:Athletics was cool i was there for practice but not the athletics day i still got into zones i don't know how ????
3:zones was a great day my favourite one i competed in was high jump i came 4th that was pretty good i got into high jump long jump and 50 meter sprints
4:Winter sports Netball. i loved playing netball every friday even though we didn't win any games we still