Boon Lay Garden Primary School - Singapore
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1) What are the nine qualities of the Addington Attitude that the pupils reflect on weekly?

2) Do the pupils join clubs, societies or sports for their co-curricular activities? What are some of them?

3) What are the types of food sold at the school canteen?
We don't have a canteen but we can buy Subway, quiche, sausage rolls and pies sometimes.

4) How long does each recycling project or ‘go green’ project last?

5) Does your school have any intention to have a day to share success stories or celebrate the success of the school’s ‘go green’ efforts with the public?

6) Does your school sell any of the items that were made with recyclable materials to raise some funds for the school? Do share with us.

7) Has your school collected recyclable items for recycling? What are some of them?

8) Which other schools have you approached to spread the message on the importance of keeping the environment clean and green?

9) How long is your school’s lunch time for year 5 and 6?

10) Does your school organise any contest to encourage the pupils to keep the school litter free? Do share with us.

11) What are some of the celebrations held in school?

12) Do the children play with lego games? Do they build structures with them? They are fun!

13) What is the school’s population?

14) How many pupils are there in each class?

15) What are the subjects that are being offered in AddIngton School?

16) How does the school publicize its ‘go green’ efforts to the public or the world at large?

17) Are there any recycling projects organised by your school or your community? Do share with us.

18) Does your school invite parent volunteers to help out in school events? Which are some of these events?