Team Maui Home Learning Expectations:

As we know you value your child’s education, we thank you for taking an interest in their learning and the support you give them.

Addington School has THREE ongoing expectations for Home Learning.

Our expectation is that the children will complete their home learning three nights a week and that a parent / caregiver / older family member has signed off each nights work.

All of the home learning tasks are designed for the individual and suit their learning needs.

We expect to see the Home Learning book at school on Mondays for setup and then Thursdays for testing.

- Basic Facts work tested each night.

  • 30 minutes per night of personal reading.
  • Children will have a reading book from school from their group browsing box.
  • Children with a reading age of 13 years or higher may choose to read their own books. If this is the case you should all be attempting to read a variety of books, non-fiction, fiction, chapter books, newspapers, magazines etc.

  • Write out the whole FROGS spelling lists and every ‘Read and Write’ sentence.
  • Tested on 10 words from your FROGS list each night.
  • A parent / caregiver or older family member need to check your work for correct spelling and punctuation.

Topic Assignments

Throughout the year there may also be the occasional home learning project to complete at home eg. current events, speeches in Term 4. These will not be huge assignments but tasks that often require some support from members of the family.